The 9 Best Closet Systems of 2022

2022-10-08 01:52:48 By : Mr. Kent Wong

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Having a well-organized closet can make it easier to find clothes, linens, and cleaning supplies while maximizing even the smallest storage spaces in your home. However, if your closet lacks built-in organization features like shelves, drawers, and hanging rods, it can be difficult to know how to keep these spaces tidy. Investing in the right closet system, however, can help transform your closet from a cluttered mess into a Pinterest-worthy space. 

When looking for the best closet systems for your home, the top consideration has to be size—too big and it won’t fit, too small and it won’t be effective. You’ll also want to consider the number of drawers and shelves you’d like. Before hitting “add to cart” on any organization products, Margaret Ellison of Sunday Plans recommends measuring your space and taking stock of your wardrobe. 

To find the best closet systems, we researched a variety of styles, keeping in mind each closet system’s size, closet height range, number of shelves and drawers, and mount type. We also consulted Ellison for additional insight.

Our frontrunner for the best closet systems is the IKEA Boaxel Wardrobe Combination system, which uses a combination of shelves, hanging rods, and drawers to keep your belongings neatly organized.

Here, the best closet systems for your home.

Why You Should Get It: This closet system has several different storage combinations including shoe shelves, drawers, hanging rods, and more.

Keep in Mind: Its appearance is quite plain compared to other options on our list.

This wall-mounted closet system is roughly six feet wide, 6.5 feet tall, and 1.3 feet deep, making it ideal for walk-in closets. It has three shelves, two shoe shelves, two drawers, and two hanging rods, so you’ll be able to hang clothes, store footwear, and add decorative baskets to further organize your space with this system. 

The IKEA Boaxel wardrobe combination is wall-mounted on tracks, so once the upright rods are installed, you can click the shelves, drawers, and more into place in your own configuration. If you end up needing more shelves or drawers, you can purchase individual parts (including a nifty drying rack) and move things around until it’s curated to your specific closet.

If you’re not sure how to maximize the space in your closet to meet your needs, you can use this helpful planner to visualize different pieces of the Boaxel system in your home. 

The Boaxel wardrobe combination is a great way to add extra storage space to your walk-in closets, but it’s very basic in its appearance. Since it’s made from particle board and steel, keep in mind that it won’t look as luxe as other options on this list.

Price at time of publish: $148

Why You Should Get It: When fully assembled, it provides an additional 12 feet of space to hang clothes and 18 feet of shelving.

Keep in Mind: It doesn't feature any drawers and each shelf has a 25-pound weight capacity.

Creating the organized closet of your dreams doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg. When limited by both your storage space and your budget, this 3- to 6-foot system adds shelving solutions to your closet or pantry while remaining durable and easy to install. Even though there aren’t any drawers, the six shelves provide an ample amount of space for shoes, folded sweaters, and much more. 

The setup includes two clothing rods at different heights, which is a great way to separate your clothes and make it easier to find pants, shirts, or dresses at a glance. When fully set up, you get 12 feet of hanging space and 18 feet of shelving with the Rubbermaid Configurations closet kit. 

If you’re looking for something a little bigger, Rubbermaid also offers a 4- to 8-foot closet system, (12.85 x 96 x 72) for a very similar price that creates up to 22 feet of shelving space across six shelves and up to 12 feet of hanging space across three clothing rods.

Once mounted to the wall, you’ll be super impressed with just how sturdy the metal wire design is. However, it’s important to note that the manufacturer doesn’t recommend putting more than 25 pounds of weight on each shelf at a time. Because of this, you won’t be able to store heavy boxes or other bulky items on this closet system without risking damage to your wall. 

Price at time of publish: $150

Why You Should Get It: You can work with an expert to create a one-of-a-kind closet system to match your needs exactly.

Keep in Mind: It may not be worth the splurge for people who plan to move in a few years.

When you’re shopping for the best closet systems and can’t find exactly what you want readily available for purchase, a custom closet system may be the right choice. The Container Store’s custom closet systems come in a variety of sizes, materials, and price points to meet your exact needs. 

The least expensive option is the Elfa Classic Collection, which is a customizable wall-mounted system with ventilated shelves, mesh drawers, and a sturdy steel construction. You’ll be able to move shelves and drawers around to create the perfect pantry, closet, or storage room while choosing from three different finishes. 

In addition to the Elfa Classic, you can shop the Elfa Decor closet system, which has real wood shelves, drawers, and trim in four different finishes for a more sleek appearance. Higher-tier closet systems from the Container Store include several nice-to-have features like glass-front doors, touch-to-open drawers, and LED lighting, so you can create a luxe custom closet if you choose. 

You’ll be able to work with an experienced designer to curate your dream closet space while keeping your specific storage needs and budget in mind. Plus, you can set up an in-store appointment, request a visit to your home, or schedule a virtual consultation, depending on your preferences. 

Just keep in mind that a custom solution will likely be more expensive than other closet systems on the market. If you have closet space with unrealized potential but you aren’t in your forever home yet, we recommend waiting to buy a custom closet system until you’re in a place where you can enjoy it for years to come. 

Price at time of publish: $926

Why You Should Get It: This system is well thought out to maximize storage space in walk-in closets. 

Keep in Mind: The large unit may require professional installation, which is an additional cost.

The Dotted Line White Grid Closet system is the best closet system for walk-in closets because of its well-placed storage that makes the most of every inch of space. The system is offered in four colors and features tons of storage, so it's easy to stay organized.

Packed with 18 shelves, five clothing rods, and three drawers, this wall-mounted system creates plenty of room for all your clothes, shoes, and storage items. It comes in white, brown, honey blonde, and weathered gray, so you can match the system to other finishes in your house for a more custom look. We especially like the L-shaped design of this system, which allows you to make the most of your closet’s corners thanks to convenient shelving.

The only downside to this closet system is that it’s quite difficult to put together. The large unit has quite a few pieces to assemble and may require professional help at an additional cost.

Price at time of publish: $1,140

Why You Should Get It: There’s a bunch of different curated systems to maximize space in reach-in closets between 44 and 115 inches wide.

Keep in Mind: The top shelves and clothing rods may have to be trimmed depending on your closet width (even if it fits within the closet’s range).

A lot of organizational systems for reach-in closets can be fairly similar, which is what makes this ClosetMaid SpaceCreations closet organizer so ideal—it’s customizable and works in spaces 44 to 115 inches wide.

The system includes three clothing rods, four drawers, and six shelves for storing just about anything you may need including coats, clothes, shoes, and storage bins. There is a caveat, however: In order to fit this closet organizer into spaces close to 115 inches tall, you may have to trim pieces yourself (though the manufacturer says this is an easy task).

The ClosetMaid SpaceCreations organizer comes in a classic white and dark brown wood finish, so you can choose whichever suits your preferences. It’s 15.2 inches deep, which is smaller than the width of the average clothes hanger, so it’ll fit in most closets with ease.

Because you’re putting everything together yourself, you can customize the organizer by moving around the drawer and shelf placement as you like to fit your specific closet size. You can also switch features to the opposite side of the closet. 

Price at time of publish: $821

Why You Should Get It: These modular closets are easy to build.

Keep in Mind: The price adds up fast when you’re purchasing individual pieces.

If you want to design your own custom high-end closet system without the hefty price tag, the best closet system is this pick from Modular Closets. The organization system is designed for spaces 48 to 63 inches wide and it has seven shelves for shoes, folded linens, or storage totes.

Part of what makes this design one of the best closet systems is you can also add on individual modules if you have more space, making this a versatile pick despite its standardized design. Plus, the manufacturer designs its products to be easy to install yourself, which means you won’t have to spend hours poring over an instruction manual. 

The closet system is offered in six widths, with the smallest being 48 inches wide. Assembly and installation should be simple as each module is shipped in a separate box to prevent confusion. Instead of worrying about how every part goes together, you only have to put together the individual modules and configure them together however you want on your wall.

Once assembled, sturdiness won’t be a concern since each piece is made from top-grade and high-density wood. And if you’re moving or want to shuffle things around to maximize functionality, you can easily take them down and reinstall them again.

Keep in mind that, if you intend to outfit an entire walk-in closet with modular systems, it may end up being less expensive to purchase a custom closet that’s designed specifically for your space versus purchasing individual modules.

Price at time of publish: $540

Why You Should Get It: You get a full dresser’s worth of drawers without sacrificing shelf or hanging storage.

Keep in Mind: There’s only short-hanging space, so it's not ideal for dresses or long coats.

With nine total drawers in this reach-in closet system, you have at least as much storage as your dresser does, if not more, making it an obvious contender for best closet systems. The mesh drawers keep items up to 25 pounds concealed to cut down on visual clutter, but are much more breathable than wood like a traditional dresser.  

Even with all that storage, you have plenty of hanging and shelf space. The Container Store Elfa Reach-In Closet system takes advantage of the full length, width, and height of the closet at 6 feet wide, 7 feet tall, and 16 inches deep. As with many of the other closet systems on this list, you can always adjust the layout and spacing to suit your needs. 

“If you want a closet system that you can put in yourself with like a drill and a little bit of handiwork, these are also super customizable,” Ellison says. 

The system also comes with four ventilated shelves that stretch the length of the closet, which is more than enough room for shoes, storage bins, and memento boxes. Plus, weight shouldn’t be a problem, because the system can hold up to 100 pounds per foot of horizontal space.

If you need a closet system to hang dresses, suits, or pants, this system probably isn’t for you since it doesn’t have full-length hanging space.  Also, make sure to carefully measure your closet, because this is designed exclusively for 75-inch closets. 

Price at time of publish: $1,435

Why You Should Get It: It makes the most of your small closet and creates the exact kind of storage an entryway needs.

Keep in Mind: The design isn’t as visually appealing as other closet systems on this list. 

Small closets are finicky spaces that can be difficult to organize, but this setup from The Container Store is easily the best closet system for the job. It has a minimal look and will take advantage of your small space, offering a few different storage solutions.

There are three ventilated shelves with an impressive weight capacity of 100 pounds per linear foot, thanks to a combination of durable epoxy-bonded steel and solid wood trim. You don’t get any drawers, but there is a 2-foot mesh gliding shoe shelf that can hold 4 to 6 pairs of flats or 3 to 4 pairs of men’s shoes. The mesh creates a breathable space for the shoes while still keeping them out of sight.

We love the quality of this closet system, which allows it to hold up against scratches and accidental tugs that can happen when hanging up coats or grabbing a pair of shoes. It’s 84 inches tall, 27 inches wide, and 17 inches deep, so this specific closet system is designed to organize entryway closets. However, you could also use it in a larger space if needed.

Assembly is fairly easy as the components can be adjusted anywhere on the horizontal track mounted to the wall. 

Price at time of publish: $595

Why You Should Get It: This system has adjustable clothing rods and a lower shoe rack at a kid-friendly height.

Keep in Mind: It's recommended that you have at least two people for assembly.

Keeping your child’s closet neat and well-organized is no easy task. That’s why we like the Little Seeds Grow With Me Closet system, which is complete with an easy-access shoe rack, adjustable clothing rods, four cubbies, three shelves, and even a drawer. This makes it easy to keep clothes, shoes, and even toys at eye level for your child while storing other items out of reach.

The clothing rods are adjustable, ranging in width from 69 to 96 inches wide. The system itself is also 76.62 inches high and 15.69 inches deep, so it’s sized to fit in many standard reach-in closets. Each clothing rod can hold up to 50 pounds, while the upper shelves and shoe rack can each hold up to 40 pounds, so it’s sturdy enough to hold even hefty items with ease. The cubbies can hold up to 20 pounds, and the drawer can hold up to 10 pounds, too.  

Keep in mind that the system must be mounted to the wall for safety, and according to the instructions, you’ll need two people to assemble this closet system.

Price at time of publish: $210

Our top choice for the best closet systems is the IKEA BOAXEL Wardrobe Combination, which includes multiple storage solutions for clothes, shoes, and bin storage while remaining easy to customize to meet your exact needs. If you’d like a custom storage solution for your closets, we also recommend the Custom Spaces System from The Container Store, which allows you to work with an expert to create the exact closet solution you’re looking for.

If you do nothing else before starting your search for the best closet systems, remember to measure the length, width, and height of your space. This allows you to get a closet system that will truly maximize on storage while fitting perfectly inside your closet. 

According to Ellison, the best closet systems should make the most of the wall by adding vertical storage. Many closet systems are hung using a wall-mounted track, so you have some control over its height once installed. Knowing the height range of your space and the system itself allows you to decide if the organizer might end up being too low or too high for you. 

“Using the entire vertical space is key in a closet because there’s no reason not to use it,” Ellison says. “Just make sure to get a stepstool, because there’s nothing worse than moving a bunch of stuff to the top of your closet and then forgetting it exists because you can never get up there.”

While not always listed in the product description, it can be helpful to know how much weight individual sections of your closet system can hold at a time. This allows you to determine what items you can and cannot store on shelves, in drawers, or on hanging rods.

Since most of the best closet systems are mounted on your wall, we don’t recommend storing lots of heavy items like large boxes or weights on these units—they can put too much strain on the system and risk damaging your walls.

Shelves in a closet system add versatility and allow you to store items like boxes, shoes, folded clothes, and more, making shelves a closet system must-have. Make sure you have an idea of how many items you plan to store on your shelves so you know how many you need. 

One tip: Look at the depth of the shelves on your closet system before purchasing—bigger isn’t always better. According to Ellison, deep shelves often take up unnecessary space in your closet without providing much function. 

“If you put shelves in, keep them as shallow as possible, because otherwise you’ll just end up losing things in the back,” Ellison says.

Drawers aren’t always included in closet systems, so if these are a must-have on your list, you may have to narrow your search. However, drawers are a great way to store some items out of sight and cut down on visual clutter in your space. The best closet systems will have well-ventilated drawers that allow you to store shoes, clothes, and other items without anything getting musty. 

If you do choose to add drawers in your closet, think about how many you’ll need and what you plan to put in them. This will help narrow down your options and prevent you from buying a system that doesn’t meet your needs.

If it’s installed well and made from quality materials, a closet system may increase your home’s value. You’ll also want to make sure the closet system is functional for the space and will meet most people’s storage needs to get the most out of your investment.

When adding closet systems to increase your home’s value, we recommend focusing first on the primary closet and kitchen since these spaces are often the most important in your home. You’ll also want to make sure your closet system has diverse storage solutions including hanging space, shelving, and drawers. This better ensures that your closet system will be helpful for future owners, too.

After clearing out your closet and triple checking its dimensions against the closet system’s measurements, it’s time to start building. If your system is meant to be mounted on the wall, start by installing the tracks first. Some kits will include tools to help you mount the tracks evenly in your closet, but if not, we recommend keeping a tape measure and a level on hand. Secure the tracks in place following the manufacturer’s instructions. 

Once the tracks are securely in place, start building any towers or corner units in your closet system. This allows you to create the overall structure of your system before adding hanging rods and shelves. Usually, the towers are very easy to build on your own by following the instructions included with your purchase. After all of the towers have been built, mount them on the tracks on your wall. 

Next, you can add shelves, hanging rods, and drawers to your closet system. Even if you purchase a modular closet system, you can often customize the exact layout of your unit by switching shelves and drawers around inside your closet. Once everything has been installed in your closet, add your clothes, shoes, and other storage items.

Having an organized closet allows you to easily find your most-used items while cutting down on visual clutter in your home. Instead of stacking boxes in your closet or rummaging through clothes on an overstuffed hanging rack, the best closet systems provide multiple storage solutions to neatly house all of your clothes, linens, shoes, and more. Plus, by taking advantage of vertical and corner space in your closet, you’ll actually free up more room for stowing other items.

Quincy Bulin is a writer with experience writing about the best home products on the market. To make this list of the best closet systems, she considered size, closet height range, number of shelves, number of drawers, and mount type. She also consulted professional organizer Margaret Ellison of Sunday Plans for her expertise on this subject.

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