Six things about the new 2022 Lexus LX

2021-11-04 09:01:33 By : Ms. candy chu

Lexus finally unveiled the new 2022 LX: a huge flagship SUV that combines appropriate off-road capabilities with a new level of luxury and sophistication—not to mention the largest radiator grille we’ve seen in a production car one. Everything is going to be introduced locally next year, here are six things you should know. 

1: It is built on the basis of Toyota Land Cruiser 300

Indeed it is. Beneath all the gorgeous sheet metal is the newly developed body frame GA-F platform, which debuted when the LC300 was launched earlier this year. Compared with the platform used in the upcoming models, this advanced chassis has greatly improved weight distribution, increased rigidity, and reduced weight by about 200 kg, which will greatly improve the performance of the 2022 LX on both road and off-road. In order to lower the vehicle's center of gravity, Lexus also spliced ​​lighter aluminum roof skins. 

2: Get ready for rough things

Similarly, like the Toyota LC300, the 2022 Lexus LX uses an off-road ready suspension architecture to help tear off teeth from most terrains you may encounter. The front high-position double-wishbone setup has optimized geometry and spring settings, while the rebound has increased by 15 mm-a real boon when crossing rugged trails. The rear of the LX still uses a rear-link axle-type layout, but the redesigned suspension arm and improved shock absorber layout can enhance articulation. The rebound amount has increased by 20 mm. 

Lexus has also completely overhauled the vehicle's Active Height Control (AHC) system, which basically allows the 2022 LX's ride height to be adjusted according to the driving environment. In addition to a wider range of height positions, the new spring rate switching device mounted on the rear wheel can significantly shorten the reaction time. There are three settings (Normal, Hi1 and Hi2) available for LX movement, and the special low setting mode allows passengers to enter and exit more easily when stationary. AHC automatically optimizes and adjusts the height of the vehicle according to the driving mode selection or the activation of the multi-terrain selection and the selection status of the transfer case.

The ground obstacle angle (approach angle, departure angle, ramp breaking angle), the maximum stable inclination angle of 44 degrees, the climbing ability of 45 degrees, and the maximum wading depth of 700 mm all follow the previous model. Provide customers with a variety of different wheel sizes, including 18 inches, 20 inches and the new 22 inches. 

3: Choice of two engines 

The 2022 LX600 is equipped with Toyota's newly developed 3.5-liter twin-turbocharged V6 gasoline engine, which can produce 305kW and 650Nm of torque. LX500d is equipped with a 3.3-liter twin-turbo diesel engine with a power of 220kW and 700Nm. Both are paired with a 10-speed automatic transmission.

Four-wheel drive is standard, and the low-end transfer case and the famous Lexus multi-terrain selection allow the driver to choose from six modes-automatic, dirt, sand, mud, deep snow and rock-to support closing according to Real-time road conditions for road driving. Although the system used to be limited to low range (L4) operation in the past, it has now been extended to high range (H4).

The 2022 LX is also equipped with a crawl control system: a smart electronic system that allows the driver to drive at extremely low speeds without accelerating or braking-all you need to do is to steer. This feature is very capable of preventing the vehicle from getting stuck, because it is designed to suppress wheel idling and wheel locking, thereby reducing the load on the drivetrain.

Starting from the release, the new 2022 LX will provide four model levels: Base, Off-Road, Executive and F Sport. Designed for the Japanese market, the rugged off-road derivative models are equipped with three locking differentials (front, center and rear) as standard. Smaller 18-inch wheels and higher-profile tires are installed to ensure the best off-road performance.

Designed for VIP-level comfort, Executive models are equipped with two independent rear seats, which can not only recline 48 degrees, but also provide up to 1,100 mm of legroom. Ceiling-mounted AC vents are standard, and a large center console box provides ample storage space, DC power supply, and USB and headphone jacks for rear passengers. A new intuitive TFT control panel and a convenient wireless charging pad are also provided.

F Sport is equipped with huge 22-inch alloy wheels (Lexus currently offers the largest wheels), and is equipped with Torsen limited-slip rear differential, which provides more dynamic handling, which can be immediately recognized by its black mesh grille. The suspension has also been adjusted with sports damper settings to provide a firmer, more focused driving experience. 

5: Luxurious new interior with improved technology

Lexus really took the 2022 LX cabin into the city. From tactile surface materials to completely redesigned seat cushions, the Japanese brand has worked tirelessly to make this SUV flagship product as luxurious as possible. It also upgraded its technical products with a new two-tier infotainment system embedded in the center console. Running the latest Lexus interface software, the top 12.3-inch touch screen handles entertainment and applications, while the smaller 7.0-inch touch screen below it is dedicated to controlling the vehicle's HVAC and multi-terrain selection system. There is also a (partial) digital dashboard and a (thief beware) a smart new fingerprint-driven start button switch.

The standard 10-speaker Lexus premium sound system is standard, but customers can upgrade to the 25-speaker Mark Levinson 4 premium surround sound system as needed.

As part of the Lexus safety system, a large number of advanced driver assistance functions are included as standard equipment. These include emergency steering assist, lane tracking assist, dynamic radar cruise control, road sign assist, Bladescan adaptive high beam LED headlights and pre-collision system. At the same time, the new multi-terrain monitor allows you to see and avoid any dangerous obstacles hidden in the path under your feet. 

6: Coming to South Australia soon

The new 2022 Lexus LX will be launched in South Australia in the first quarter of next year. Pricing and final specifications will be confirmed near that time. 

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