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Rome (Agenzia Fides)-South Korean President Moon Jae-in said at the opening ceremony of the exhibition entitled "Barbed Wire Becomes a Symbol of Peace" organized by the Ministry of Unification: "This is the most beautiful cross in the world." Republic of Korea, opened to the public at St. Ignatius Church in Loyola, Rome from October 29th to November 7th. This exhibition exhibited 136 crosses made by Dae Hoon authorized by the Sculpture Teacher of Seoul National University. He melted them with the barbed wire that marked the border between North and South Korea and created an artwork called "Peaceful Cross". "The cross expresses the ardent desire of the Korean people to end the war and achieve peace." The Catholic President Moon quoted a passage from the Bible saying: "They forged swords into plows and spears into sickles." (Yes 2,1-5) . The installation is composed of 136 crosses. These crosses are made of fence materials erected to divide South Korea's demilitarized zone. They were blessed and consecrated by the Honorary Archbishop Andrew Um Soo-jeong of Seoul a few days ago. The initiative has a symbolic and cultural and political purpose: it aims to arouse the interest of the world and strive to raise awareness of the need to achieve lasting peace on the Korean peninsula. As the Unification Minister explained, he also attended the opening ceremony. The minister told Fides that the South Korean government hopes to release messages of peace and reconciliation through spiritual work, acknowledging the Catholic Church’s continuous contributions to peace, love, justice, democracy and human rights. At this time, we need to restart dialogue and cooperation to bring unity and prosperity to the peninsula. We have high hopes for the role of the Catholic Church in this regard. The sculptor Kwon Dae Hoon who attended the ceremony explained: "This work summarizes the suffering of Korean Christians and their desire for peace. When creating it-he said-I felt deep sympathy." (PA) (Agenzia Fides, October 30, 2021)

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