Welding consumables/welding wire/CO2 welding wire

 Welding Material/Welding Wire/CO2 Welding Wire CO2 MIG Welding Wire Aws A5.18 Er70s-6 Welding Wire,Sg2 Welding Wire1. Diameter: 0.8 0.9 1.0 1.2 1.6mm2. Package: D200 mm spool--Net 5kg/spoolD270 mm spool--Net 15kg 20kg/spoolD300 mm spool--Net 15kg/spoolK300 mm metal spool- Net 15~20kg/spoolDrum packing: 100kg 250kg 350

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 Welding Material/Welding Wire/CO2 Welding Wire 

Welding Material/Welding Wire/CO2 Welding Wire

CO2 MIG Welding Wire Aws A5.18 Er70s-6 Welding Wire,Sg2 Welding Wire
1. Diameter: 0.8 0.9 1.0 1.2 1.6mm
2. Package: D200 mm spool--Net 5kg/spool
D270 mm spool--Net 15kg 20kg/spool
D300 mm spool--Net 15kg/spool
K300 mm metal spool- Net 15~20kg/spool
Drum packing: 100kg 250kg 350kg
3. Raw material: Qing steel ER70S-6
4. Certificates: ABS CE ISO TUV DB LR GL BV NK CCS ROSH etc
5. Application: Co2 or mixed gas welding, welding of mild steel material, ship, bridge welding, More than 500 Mpa tensile stength welding.
6. PACKING: Water-proof paper and anti-rust paper round on spool, one spool each carton, 72~200 cartons per pallet, 20~24 pallet in 20 foot containers.

1. More than 120 production lines for ER70S-6 production
2. About 2000 employee work for this company
3. Established at 1996, more than 18 years experience
4. Varity service, for OEM different products for different brands
5. Certificates for ER70S-6 can meet customers requirements from different country.
6. Deadline: More than 500 tons production each day, your order will be finished in 10~20 days.
7. After sales: Any questions about welding wires will be solved at an earliest time.


Class: ER70S-6

AWS: A5.18

Conforms to Certification: AWS A5.18           ASME SFA A5.18

Weld Process Used for Mig (GMAW)


AWS Chemical Composition Requirements
C = 0.06 - 0.15Ni = 0.15 max
Mn = 1.40 - 1.85Cr = 0.15 max
Si = 0.80 - 1.15Mo = 0.15 max
P = 0.025 maxV = 0.03 max
S = 0.035 maxCu = 0.50 max

Available Sizes
.023 x 2#, 11#, 33#
.030 x 2#, 11#, 33#
.035 x 2#, 10#, 33#, 44# also in DRUMS
.045 x 2#, 10#, 33#, 44# also in DRUMS
.052 x 33# also in DRUMS
1/16 x 33# also in 60# coils

Type ER70S-6 is a wire with higher levels of Deoxidizers welding of steels with moderate amounts of scale or rust. (Mn & Si) compared to other carbon steel wires. This wire is suitable for welding of steels with moderate amounts of scale or rust.

For Mig welding use Carbon Dioxide or Argon + Co2 or Argon + 2% Oxygen as shielding gases.

Deposited Chemical Composition % (Typical)
C = 0.09P = 0.012Si = 0.95
Mn = 1.65S = 0.018Cu = 0.35


Deposited All Weld Metal Properties % (As Welded) 
Tensile Strength78,000 psi
Yield Strength65,500 psi

Deposited Charpy-V-Notch Impact Properties %
45 ft. lbs. (at -20ºF)

Recommended Welding Parameters (GMAW "Mig Process")
 Wire DiameterVoltsAmpsIPM
Short Arc Welding.03016 - 1875 - 125176 - 324
 .03515 - 18100 - 160132 - 228
 .04517 - 18100 - 120149 - 208
Spray Arc Welding.03026 - 28200560
 .03527 - 29250504
 .04528 - 31265336
 .05229 - 31300 - 340280 - 350
 1/1630 - 36350 - 400220 - 280


Welding Material/Welding Wire/CO2 Welding Wire


Welding Wire ER70S-6 -- Description:
ER70S-6 is a kind of mild steel copper coated welding wire, suitable for 100% CO2 and Argon& CO2 mixed gas protective welding with stable feasibility, good welding seams, less spatters and excellent welding process properties.

3. Welding Wire ER70S-6 -- Application:
Used to weld ship building steel(A, B, D, E, A36, D36, E36)and equivalent mild steel or 550Mpa grade mild alloy steel, such as container building, construction machine, railway construction, pressure vessel for semi-auto or automatic gas shielded welding.

4. Welding Wire ER70S-6 -- Conform with:
AWS ER70S-6 BS A18 EN G3Si1
Welding Material/Welding Wire/CO2 Welding Wire
Welding Material/Welding Wire/CO2 Welding Wire

AWS A5.18 ER70S-6 CO2 mig welding wire       

Quick details:

1. Type: CO2 wire/SG2 welding wire/ Mig wire/ GMAW wire

               Solid welding wire/ Gas shielded welding wire

2. Raw material: MIld steel/ Carbon steel/ Qingdao steel wire

3. Surface--------Copper coated / copper clad

4. Application : Co2 shielded welding, welding of mild steel material,

                         Ship/bridge welding, Arc welding etc

5.Dia:  0.8 0.9 1.0 1.2 1.6mm 

6.Packing: 5Kg,15Kg 20kg spool, 100~350kg drum
Welding Material/Welding Wire/CO2 Welding Wire
Welding Material/Welding Wire/CO2 Welding Wire


7.Spool type: D270/D300 plastic spool, K300 Metal spool


9.Confirm with:

GB/T ER50-6/   DIN SG2/     JIS YGW12   

AWS ER70S-6/    BS A18/     EN G3Si1

Once a wire type is determined for your welding equipment, two additional pieces of information are needed in order to purchase this consumeable. The first is the wire diameter, which is usually given in thousands of an inch. The most common sizes for welding sheet metal are 0.35 and 0.45. The table below is commonly found in consumeable spec sheets and is worth copying for reference. It tells you how to set the controls on your equipment and which gas you need, depending on the welding process.

Packaging & Shipping

5kg,15kg,20kg/spool into carton,72 cartons/pallet;250kg/drum,4 drums/pallet.


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Welding Material/Welding Wire/CO2 Welding Wire


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