Aluminum woven wire mesh insect mosquito screen

Aluminum Woven Wire Mesh Insect Mosquito Window ScreeningI. Product Description of woven wire meshWoven wire mesh, also known as wire cloth, is amazingly versatile and is easily adapted to almost any application. We offer woven wire mesh various materials and woven styles to meet your needs. Our woven wire mesh pr

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Aluminum Woven Wire Mesh Insect Mosquito Window Screening
I. Product Description of woven wire mesh
Woven wire mesh, also known as wire cloth, is amazingly versatile and is easily adapted to almost any application. We offer woven wire mesh various materials and woven styles to meet your needs. Our woven wire mesh products hold their shape better and provide more security than other types. Woven wire mesh is commonly used for window screens, filter mesh, fencing, grills, grates, shelving and racks, air filtration, and wall reinforcement, etc.
Aluminum Woven Wire Mesh Insect Mosquito Window Screening
Common materials used to produce woven wire mesh include:
  1. Carbon steel
  2. Galvanized steel
  3. Stainless wire mesh
  4. Aluminum
  5. Copper
  6. Brass
Stainless woven wire mesh is especially versatile because it is extremely chemical resistant, works with hot or cold liquids, and is easily cleaned. Aluminum woven wire mesh is lightweight, strong, has high electrical conductivity, and a low melting point. The aluminum mesh also significantly resists atmospheric corrosion. Carbon steel and galvanized wire mesh are strong, economical, and readily available. Other exotic materials such as copper and nickel can also be woven into woven wire cloth.
II. Applications
Woven wire mesh and woven wire cloth can be fabricated into various woven wire products including but not limited to the following wire products:
  1. Woven wire mesh window screen
  2. Woven wire mesh filter cloth
  3. Woven wire mesh speaker grills
  4. Woven wire mesh BBQ grill
  5. Woven wire mesh filter discs, extruder screen
  6. Woven wire mesh filter bowl for smoking pipe
  7. Woven wire mesh stainless steel tea strainers
  8. Wire mesh sink strainers, filter tubes and filter bags
  9. Woven wire cages for pets and other animals
  10. Woven wire containers, baskets and cases
  11. Woven wire mesh shelves, racks, etc.
  12. Woven wire mesh decorative railings
Aluminum Woven Wire Mesh Insect Mosquito Window Screening
III. Specifications of woven wire mesh
MaterialAluminum, iron, stainless steel, galvanized, copper, brass, or other customized
Mesh12x12, 14x14, 16x14, 16x16, 18x16, 18x18, 18x14, 22x22, 24x24, etc. Contact us for more.
ColorSilver, black, white, grey, etc. 
Roll Length30m, 50m, or customized
Roll Width0.5m -- 1.5m, or customized
Wire Gauge0.19 -- 0.27mm, or customized
ApplicationsIt is widely used in the window screen, door screen, security fencing, mining, petroleum, chemical, construction, mechanical accessories, protective netting, packaging netting, barbecue netting, vibration screen, cooking utensils, etc. 
Packing MethodsPacking in rolls wrapped by protective kraft paper
Quality ControlISO Certificate; SGS Certificate
After-sale ServiceProduct test report, online follows up. 
Aluminum Woven Wire Mesh Insect Mosquito Window Screening
Mesh/InchWire DiameterApertureOpen AreaWeight (LB) /100 Square Foot
1 × 1.0802.03.92023.3784.641.1
2 × 2.0631.60.43711.1076.451.2
3 × 3.0541.37.2797.0970.156.7
4 × 4.0631.60.1874.7556.0104.8
4 × 4.0471.19.2035.1665.957.6
5 × 5.0411.04.1594.0463.254.9
6 ×
8 ×
10 ×
10 ×
12 × 12.023.584.0601.5251.842.2
12 × 12.020.508.0631.6057.231.6
14 × 14.023.584.0481.2245.249.8
14 × 14.020.508.0511.3051.037.2
16 × 16.018.457.04451.1350.734.5
18 × 18.017.432.0386.9848.334.8
20 × 20.020.508.0300.7636.055.2
20 × 20.016.406.0340.8646.234.4
24 × 24.014.356.0277.7044.231.8
30 × 30.013.330.0203.5237.134.8
30 × 30.012.305.0213.5440.829.4
30 ×
35 ×
40 ×
50 ×
50 ×
60 × 60.0075.191.0092.2330.523.7
60 ×
70 × 70.0065.165.0078.2029.820.8
80 × 80.0065.165.0060.1523.023.2
80 × 80.0055.140.0070.1831.416.9
90 ×
100 × 100.0045.114.0055.1430.314.2
100 ×
100 × 100.0035.089.0065.1742.38.3
110 × 110.0040.1016.0051.129530.712.4
120 × 120.0037.0940.0064.116830.711.6
150 × 150.0026.0660.0041.104137.47.1
160 × 160.0025.0635.0038.096536.45.94
180 × 180.0023.0584.0033.083834.76.7
200 × 200.0021.0533.0029.073733.66.2
250 × 250.0016.0406.0024.061036.04.4
270 × 270.0016.0406.0021.053332.24.7
300 × 300.0051.0381.0018.045729.73.04
325 × 325.0014.0356.0017.043230.04.40
400 × 400.0010.0254.0015.37036.03.3
500 × 500.0010.0254.0010.025425.03.8
635 × 635.0008.0203.0008.020325.02.63

IV. How to order the woven wire mesh
  1. According to your application, confirm the materials of woven wire mesh
  2. Confirming the wire diameter and mesh size of woven wire mesh
  3. Decide the woven styles of wire cloth
  4. Roll length and height of the woven wire or piece length and width
  5. Filtration of the woven wire cloth
  6. Your minimum quantity needed
  7. Packing Requirements for woven wire mesh
V. Production Process
Aluminum Woven Wire Mesh Insect Mosquito Window Screening
VI. Packing
Aluminum Woven Wire Mesh Insect Mosquito Window Screening
VII. About Us
Anping Dongjie Wire Mesh Products Factory is founded in 1996 with over 10,000sqm areas. We have more than 100 professional workers and 4 professional workshops: expanded metal mesh workshop, perforated workshop, stamping wire mesh products workshop, molds made, and deep-processing workshop.

We are a specialized manufacturer for the development, design, and production of woven wire mesh with over 25 years' experience. Dongjie has adopted ISO9001:2008 Quality System Certificate, SGS Quality System Certificate, and modern management system.

As always stuck into "Quality Proves Strength, Details Reach to Success", Dongjie has achieved high acclaim in the old and new customers.
Aluminum Woven Wire Mesh Insect Mosquito Window Screening
Q1: Are you a manufacturer or a trader?
A1: We are a professional manufacturer of woven wire mesh. We have been specialized in wire mesh products for decades and accumulated rich experiences in this field.

Q2: How to make an inquiry of woven wire mesh?
A2: You need to provide material, wire diameter, mesh size, roll/piece size, and the total quantity to ask for an offer. You can also indicate if you have any special requirements.

Q3: Could you provide a free sample?
A3: Yes, we can provide a free sample in half A4 size together with our catalog. But the courier charge will on your side. We'll send back the courier charge if you make an order.

Q4: How is your Payment Term?
A4: Generally, our payment term is T/T 30% in advance and the balance 70% against the copy of B/L. Other payment terms we can also discuss.

Q5: How is your delivery time?
A5: We always prepare enough stock material for your urgent requirement, the delivery time is 7 days for all the stock material.
    According to quantity and technology, you required for the non-stock items to offer you the exact delivery time and producing schedule.


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