EyreUpvc brings German technology to Australia | Whyalla News | Whyalla, South Australia

2021-11-18 05:16:51 By : Ms. Nancy Huang

James Fry, who has been in the aluminum and glass industry for the past 13 years, recently opened his own business to bring high-quality uPVC products to people in Port Lincoln and surrounding areas.

James is a glassmaker. His main background is in commercial and residential installations. Most recently, he worked as a project manager/estimator for an aluminum company in Port Lincoln. He brought this experience into his new business EyreUpvc.

"I started this business because it has always been the ultimate goal of opening my own store in the window industry at some point, but it needs to be of quality and durability, and be a product that helps the industry develop," James Say.

"I am passionate about the window industry and like to really test myself in larger projects and achieve the ultimate goal of the client, which is what they want from a new construction or renovation."

EyreUpvc specializes in the production of double-glazed doors and windows, using uPVC frame materials developed from Germany to adapt to German-designed hardware. EyreUpvc doors and windows are manufactured in Adelaide using Australian window solutions and other local window manufacturers and glass manufacturers Chevron Glass.

"We are also focusing on security screen doors and retractable screens, which can be applied to new or existing doors and windows in your home," James said.

"We use a variety of different types of screens, including safety screens, insect screens and retractable screens. Our safety screens can be aluminum mesh, stainless steel mesh or diamond grid mesh. Our insect screens can be fiber, alum, stainless steel. , And a pet-proof net."

"The telescopic screens have various types of insect glass fiber nets, which can be installed on new or existing doors and windows."

"EyreUpvc is providing the most energy-efficient and long-lasting products for the growing door and window market. Outside of Adelaide, we are the only company specializing in this product. We have strong backing support and continue to provide and maintain this product. Eyre Peninsula."

In the past 60 years, uPVC has been very popular in Europe and the United States, covering 60% of installed windows in the world and 80% of Europe. Although it is new to Australia, it is increasingly used in For new homes and renovations, uPVC is a very durable product with corrosion resistance and flame retardancy.

EyreUpvc uses tempered 24 mm double glass and stainless steel mesh as the standard for all windows.

"Using uPVC in your home can save up to 60% of cooling costs and 70% of heating costs. uPVC windows have received the highest scores for environmental performance in the important international sustainable building rating system. Our uPVC profiles are specifically suitable for Australia It has passed the comprehensive test and certification of AS2047," James said.

"Next year we will see a seven-star energy rating, because we have begun to move to more energy-efficient and sustainable houses across the country, using uPVC, these measures will be well and truly achieved," James said.

EyreUpvc will work closely with any customer and/or builder to ensure that customers get the maximum satisfaction and comfort from their buildings. When viewing the windows of a new building, we recommend meeting with James and your builder or draftsman to make the most of your building and budget.

"There are many different types of doors and windows and opening directions, including different hardware options and locking mechanisms, and they can be very efficient and cost-effective," he said.

"I want to thank all the companies that helped me in this new adventure, including my suppliers, for allowing EyreUpvc to reach its current position, and I look forward to establishing all relationships with local builders and new customers in the future."