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2021-11-04 09:01:19 By : Mr. Kang Qiu

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Authors: Brendan Griffiths, Rob Dwiar, Benjamin Abbott, Tabitha Baker, Aleksha McLoughlin November 3, 2021

If you want to know what the best gaming hardware choices are in 2021, here are all the winners of this year's GamesRadar Hardware Awards

Hello, and welcome to the 2021 GamesRadar Hardware Awards. 

Although the story of this year's game hardware is mainly about supply chain obstruction, large inventory shortages and scalpers taking advantage of the swelling dealer market, there have been some absolute boutique releases in the past year. Every corner of the technological world—from accessories and headsets to gaming screens—has great products, especially since the PS5 and Xbox Series X have been on the market for a year now (the peripherals of these two systems have been on the market since the last time they came out. It has exploded since the year). Similarly, we cannot avoid the spectacular new graphics card series from Nvidia and AMD.

This encourages us to expand our hardware awards this year, so we celebrate 26 categories this time-building on the 17 categories in 2020-and we are fortunate to test many winners in 2021. PC players, console gamers and general technology enthusiasts are all represented here.

Anyway, enough talk-let's see who are the winners of the 2021 GamesRadar Hardware Awards.

LG C1 picked up where CX left last year: excellent picture quality, excellent game support, excellent design and exquisite OLED technology.

C1 is the OLED screen that every new generation of gamers should aim for this year, and is the clear leader of the best gaming TV and the best OLED TV in 2021. Equipped with four HDMI inputs that support 4K 120Hz, a dedicated and excellent game optimizer control panel, play games seriously. There are even VRR (Variable Refresh Rate), NVIDIA G-Sync and AMD Freesync, and ALLM (Automatic Low Latency Mode) to highlight how this TV is game-centric-no matter what device you want to plug in. 

When you add features that rely more on AI intelligence and superior image quality than the previous version, you will get spectacular native 4K content and exquisitely enlarged HD content: the deepest black, the most vivid colors and tones, and you can almost enjoy 3D level of detail. Additional features include elements like TruMotion Smooth, which is still smooth, and a Cinematic Movement option that can make photos look incredible like movies. Unsurprisingly, HDR performance is also one of the best performances we have seen in all TVs this year. It is indeed a complete package, will be the pride of any game setup, and is currently the most suitable TV for PS5 and Xbox Series X.

Samsung QN95A is the leader in "other" technology for gaming TV: QLED. This Mini-LED-driven 4K flagship product has deep blacks, excellent quality, vivid colors and contrast, and exquisite HDR management. There is also a new game bar, which is a dedicated interface that allows you to make adjustments and changes in real time. An excellent, bright and colorful game TV. (Note: The closest TV to QN95A in the US is QN90A, which has a slightly different OTS audio profile and does not have a One Connect box.) 

Ultra-wide and ultra-curved, MSI's MPG ARTYMIS 343CQR monitor is an ordinary 34-inch game console.

In a busy year with the best gaming monitors, MSI MPG ARTYMIS 343CQR attracted our attention more than most monitors. This 34-inch 3440 x 1440p gaming monitor provides a single-screen solution for gaming, but its design is also perfect for any other purpose. If there was ever a competitor for a high-quality single-curved gaming monitor that could provide value for money for a dual-screen setup, then this is it.

Due to its extreme 1000R curve and the VA used by MSI, this is an incredibly immersive panel. If you take these features and add a very strong monolithic backlight, the result is a strong peak brightness and display that provides the best HDR experience we have seen this year-especially on panels without local dimming. Beauty like Cyber​​Punk 2077 is a truly worth seeing experience. Once you complete the list of game specifications with 1ms response time, 165Hz refresh rate, and AMD FreeSync support, you have an overall package. For PC gaming, this monitor is a bit crazy-but in the best way.

AOC 24G2 is excellent value for money and is another bright spot in 2021. It offers high refresh rate, IPS panel, and 1080p options for those on a budget. It is definitely the best choice for compromise, price and performance. The game speed on this monitor alone makes it one of the best in any 1080p game lineup. ("U" means that only a USB hub has been added.)

Titan Evo ensures that Secretlab remains unchanged in terms of quality. 

Secretlab has once again improved the best gaming chair in the industry. It is wise to merge the old Secretlab Omega and Titan series into one, and all users can choose multiple sizes.

The improved built-in lumbar support can be manually adjusted in multiple directions to ensure that you can set it to the right position for you. The memory foam head cushion is now connected by magnets instead of straps, maintaining the stylish appearance of the chair and also giving you the option to set it at the height of your choice. 

The hard edges of the old Omega series have been abandoned, and wider seating positions are provided for everyone for easier meetings. The manufacturing quality of all aspects of the chair makes other brands (many more expensive) look better in comparison Cheap.

If you are looking for something more subtle, then Respawn Spectre is a great choice for gaming chairs. Its lightweight mesh design will not scream at you as a "game chair", in an office setting as at home, but it also has the additional benefits of upper back and head support. The lumbar support is excellent, and the mesh design is excellent in hotter climates or more intense online battles.

Since our first contact with WD Black SN850, it has always left a deep impression on us because of its incredibly fast writing speed and overall excellent performance when doing anything. As you would expect from the Gen 4.0 NVMe SSD, the WD Black SN850 can reach continuous read and write speeds of 7,000 MB/s and 5,300 MB/s, respectively, which may be the fastest speed you may need. 

In our tests, we found that the SN850 has largely met its lofty expectations through CrystalDiskMark, with a read speed of 6996 MB/s and a read speed of 5205 MB/s this year. The SN850 is not cheap, but in terms of current expectations for this generation of M.2 SSDs, it is the gold standard.  

For the second-generation PCIe M.2 SSD, Sabrent Rocket 4 Plus provides consistently fast performance and manages to stay cool while doing so. It may not be the absolute fastest drive you can plug into your PC right now, with read and write speeds exceeding 5,000 MB/s and 4,400 MB/s, but it leads Rocket 4 Plus in terms of overall performance and succeeds in the ATTO benchmark test It beats Samsung 980 Pro and even WD Black SN850.  

HTC’s latest headsets provide an unparalleled and incredible VR experience.

Virtual reality is usually defined by compromise; the trade-off between visual fidelity and processing power turns conversation into a "it's great, but..." exercise. However, HTC Vive Pro 2 demonstrates the ability of media when these restrictions do not exist. Although you will definitely pay for this, the result is unique.

Pro 2 has a "5K" resolution and a 120Hz display, which can provide a smoother frame rate and is an impressive performance of technical magic. This also means that if you switch to VR, you don't have to endure a degraded PC gaming experience; even when running through a headset, the game looks the best. In fact, it avoids the screen door effect (and provides a more natural 120° horizontal field of view) is another advantage of the HTC hat.

Since the kit is completed by the base station and the already excellent Vive controller (both supported by SteamVR Tracking 2.0), you will feel close to one-to-one accuracy without any difference. This is a worthy addition to the stable version of VR.

Although the Oculus Quest 2 headset came out in 2020, the 128GB version launched this year improved the formula and enhanced the memory, making it the cheapest option. In addition to doubling the 64GB capacity of the basic model at the same price, it also allows you to enjoy more Quest 2 games with clearer visual effects and a higher refresh rate.

The first Razer Blade laptop that combines Nvidia and AMD components is an absolute victory, providing powerful features, performance and prestige.

The Razer Blade 14 gaming laptop provides the best of both worlds among the portable powerhouses: AMD CPU and Nvidia GPU. It is this combination that produces performance fireworks. And all in a small 14-inch package, it feels like witchcraft. However, this 14-inch chassis and structure accommodates arguably the best part of this machine—or, perhaps, what makes it reach an excellent level of performance. That is a 1440p, 165Hz screen. This makes the internal components shine-neither too powerful for a 1080p game, nor too stretched in a 4K game. The results are breathtaking: excellent graphics fidelity and excellent frame rate. Having such powerful functions and so portable is a real pleasure, and its small size does not detract from the complete game package it provides.

Combining some of the most powerful components on the market, an excellent slim profile, and a huge 1440p screen for perfect display, this can easily become the best gaming laptop of 2021.

ASUS TUF Dash 15 gaming laptop provides an excellent price and performance balance, allowing players to use Nvidia's new generation of graphics cards without spending money. The provided well-thought-out build covers a range of components, so many budget-friendly models are provided-you will get a very slim build and an ASUS quality build. 

The new Orion 3000 gaming PC is a real powerhouse and offers a great price/performance ratio in 2021.

Orion 3000 has a compact structure and customizable RGB lighting, looks very beautiful, it looks like it is indeed the best gaming PC in 2021. But its performance is as good as it looks: Helios 3000 can easily handle the most graphics-intensive games, and there is no sign of overheating. This is a machine with the best resolution of 1440p, but it can run many games under 4K without too much compromise on quality or frame rate. This is for those who want the best of two resolutions and don’t It's a great idea for people who mind to fiddle with their settings to make the most of their machines.

The machine also provides excellent storage and connection options, providing strong support for these core and title components, and the layout of the PC means that it should be easy to upgrade parts and put your own mark in the future. It is undeniable that this is a premium gaming desktop with value for money, and it deserves to be the top gaming PC in 2021.

The new aesthetics and Omen case present an excellent gaming PC appearance-the internal functions are very powerful. This case is very successful, with a tempered glass panel, easy access and excellent ventilation design. Omen 30L can install a large number of configurations and component combinations in it, proving that HP has returned to the game with a pre-made gaming PC.

Razer’s latest Basilisk mouse offers some truly outstanding upgrades that enhance the overall experience.

Razer expanded the range of Basilisk gaming mice again in 2021, and launched Basilisk V3 to the market in September. From the switch upgrade to the dark RGB effect, there are many cool new technologies to explore under the hood, all of which combine to create an incredibly versatile pointer. 

While ticking the best gaming mouse (with a 26K DPI sensor, ten programmable buttons, 50g acceleration and five onboard memory profiles), what really makes Basilisk shine is the extra features. The intelligent HyperScroll wheel can automatically adjust the tension according to the usage; switch between click, controlled and free rotation. Although other mice provide the option to switch between these two settings, there is no such satisfactory way as Basilisk V3. In addition, with the tilt function, you can get additional customization options.

With all these technologies, Razer Basilisk V3 still feels very good under his hands. The classic ergonomic design has been retained in the latest iteration. Although the overall form is slightly heavier than those looking for competing equipment, it has a satisfying sense of control and accuracy.

Corsair Sabre RGB Pro has speed as its primary goal, which makes it a simple recommendation for anyone looking for a more competitive fps mouse. However, what really makes this pointer a force that cannot be ignored is the fast tactile switch. The travel time here is very short, which means you will react to the twitch reflex at an amazing speed.

This Razer keyboard is a unique and bold experiment that brings new things to the desktop.

Razer Huntsman V2 Analog does something we have never really seen before; it combines the feel and functionality of a controller analog joystick with a contender that has become our best gaming keyboard list. Thanks to the variable driving point and two-step action, you can use the pressure level to get different in-game responses. For example, if you press the key hard, your car will accelerate. Relax, and your character will release the throttle. At the other end of the scale, you can equip the grenade by pressing a button halfway, and then push it down to throw it.

Considering how long the best PC controllers have been around, it seems that Razer is late, but this is a clever idea that combines the advantages of both methods. The keyboard offers versatility, but it's not very subtle, so it's a big deal to simulate making WASD keys more accurate than ever. If nothing else, it means you will no longer pinball around the city because you forgot to click the "walk" function.

Yes, it is expensive. But if you have budget bandwidth, this is an experiment worth investing in.

Roccat Pyro surprised us with its sensitive buttons and reasonable price. As far as money is concerned, this is a great value that you can hardly surpass. Because the keyboard feels smooth and lively, it is a real contender for those who don't want to go bankrupt when completing the game settings.

Faster clock speeds and more usable CUDA cores make the enhanced RTX 3070 Ti worth the time and money you spend on serious PC games this year.

The RTX 3070 Ti may not be the biggest upgrade of the original model released in 2020, but in terms of its price point, and the absolute performance output of not only Full HD but also 1440p and 4K, we are confident to recommend it to any PC gamer looking for value for money . Now, compared to the first version of 5888 and 1.50Ghz, this enhanced graphics card has up to 6144 CUDA cores and a higher base clock speed of 1.58GHz. 

Regardless of the numbers, this means that the real-time performance is 10-15% higher than the performance of the RTX 3070, and at the same time an additional cost of 100 US dollars / 60 pounds, considering the capabilities of this GPU, this is a very reasonable proposal. If you have been pursuing the excellent peak performance of 1440p, or want a rock-solid native 4K60, then RTX 3070 Ti can do this, it is likely to be all the graphics processing power you need for a long time in the future .

Although the RTX 3080 is certainly our first choice for the best graphics card last year, the enhanced RTX 3080 Ti is very powerful thanks to the additional 2GB GDDR6X VRAM (for 12GB total memory), but its price is closer to the RTX 3090 Than the original model. 

eSwap X Pro is an excellent controller for PC and Xbox in all aspects. It is in a leading position in terms of accessibility and customization, while also providing excellent performance.

Thrustmaster eSwap X Pro surprised us this year. It offers more versatility, customization options, and button remapping options than the best PC controllers, but it is also implemented in a unique modular, enhanced accessibility way. Interchangeable thumbstick and arrow key units are essential to this, which means that a controller can provide players with symmetrical layouts as well as asymmetrical layouts, all in a gamepad. This is a great accessibility feature, but it is also versatile, allowing players to switch between the two layouts almost instantly.

It is a wired controller, so there is no lag, and it is also compatible with Xbox game consoles, so it can provide cross-platform functionality-and it also has top performance on these machines-you can even add your own aesthetics using modules and controllers in different colors The effect, which now extends to this year's LED units. Thrustmapper software enables the controller to be remapped and customized according to your various needs, no matter what game you play or how you play it. Thrustmaster eSwap X Pro is the closest product we have seen to a complete PC controller.

The Nacon Revolution X Pro controller has excellent aesthetics, is carefully designed and manufactured, feels great in hand, and provides you with all the customization options of the controller you may want. The value it provides is also very good, and it can provide players with many high-end features without destroying funds.

The only new color scheme.

After all, deciding the best PS5 controller of the year is not too difficult—there can only be one. However, 2021 does bring us a stylish new color scheme of the DualSense controller. If you are not a fan of the black and white design of the console, the beginning of the new generation is disappointing. However, in June, Sony provided a more attractive option for those looking for color. 

Cosmic Red DualSense is the first alternative color scheme to appear in the official PlayStation 5 lineup, but still contains all the breakthrough features of the original controller. You still get all the excellent haptic feedback, adaptive triggers, and built-in microphone actions, which make the PS5 DualSense controller one of the best features of the new generation and a must-have accessory for PS5. 

Sony also released a midnight black variant, which avoids the white appearance of the console and adopts an all-black design, but the cosmic red model will definitely be more eye-catching in your collection.

If you want to keep your settings as the Sony Lord intended, then choosing the Midnight Black model will keep everything in this two-tone beauty. This color scheme was released with the Cosmic Red model, and mixed colors around the gamepad itself to get the beauty of shadows.  

Headphone experts have proven that you can add "professional" features to the controller without driving up the price through this deadly technology.

We really like the offers of GamesRadar, and when Turtle Beach released a controller with a series of extra features, we couldn't believe the price. For only $60/£50, this really embarrassed most competition from other feature-rich third-party controllers, which are usually three times (or more!) the price of standard pads.

Audio enhancements such as remappable buttons, rear paddles, fine-tuning aiming, on-board audio control, EQ presets, and positional audio have never appeared at such an affordable price, making it an ideal replacement for standard Xbox controllers , Suitable for those who want to try some professional functions at a lower price than Elite Series 2 and Scuf Instinct Pro.

Thanks to the reasonable design, extra grip on the handle, and even the first-class texture finishes on the triggers that we like shooting games and racing games, the feel is also very good.

Victrix Gambit was just released, but it is already one of our favorites on Xbox. At around US$100/£100, it’s still quite affordable and comes with a series of replaceable analogs, arrow keys, rear paddles, multiple depth trigger locks, corner doors, and even replaceable hard white plastic panels. Panel, or soft rubber purple cover are available. There is even a surprisingly in-depth software application to adjust the dead zone and bite point, which is something you usually have to pay more to make adjustments in the controller.

Corsair Virtuoso RGB Wireless XT provides a complete gaming headset package, providing impeccable sound, functionality and quality.

This is a PC headset for gaming, providing a high-quality gaming experience in every possible way. The sound quality of Wireless XT is impeccable, with clear midrange, loud bass and pure treble, which means that game audio in 2021 will not be better-but it also extends to music, movies and any other entertainment. It's just that good.

The design of the headset is both individualized enough to stand out in the headset market in 2021, and restrained enough to look high-quality and avoid fancy. The aluminum and artificial leather structure is sturdy, allowing the subtle RGB lights to emit a charming glow. 

The detachable microphone is also excellent, with very little compression, and the multiple connections of the headset means you can use the Virtuoso XT with almost any device. The cherry on the top includes Dolby Atmos, which provides excellent surround sound and battery life, and can last all day. A high-quality PC headset, and one of the best gaming headsets in 2021. 

ASUS ROG Delta S provides light and comfortable wearing and excellent sound effects. It is another outstanding product in this year's PC gaming headset product line. Delta S works perfectly with the supporting software, has great potential and flexibility, and can provide settings for various games. The default sound is great, but once the potential of this headset is released, the options are almost endless...

The new Recon 500 headset is handled slightly differently from most people. It is a victory for the wired PS5 headset and provides the best sound in 2021.

Following the PS5 headset storm introduced with the console, 2021 has become more streamlined, but this means that headsets like Recon 500 can shine and accurately demonstrate the features it provides. 

Recon 500 introduces a brand new 60mm into the headphone cup, breaking the tradition of Recon, obviously offering something different-and it works. The sound provided is huge, and has an aggressive price point, and its value is great. This is the sound quality. The 60mm driver breaks the muddy and fuzzy sound that 50mm drivers often provide, and provides compact and precise game audio.

This lightweight headset has a safe design and construction, but its mediocre beauty means it can be integrated into any setting. The detachable microphone is also great, stays in place when placed, and delivers your voice clearly and faithfully on the Internet.

Although the Recon 500 is not a cordless set that will continue to be the ideal PS5 headset design, it is a reimagining. It successfully provides some of the best audio on the PS5. It surpasses many other competitions in the PS5 headset market. By. 2021. 

Razer's first PS5 headset may be the "X" variant of the Kaira series-this usually indicates the budget or entry-level model of the Razer series-but it offers some serious price/performance. The audio provided is very delicate, and the hardware brand's own TriForce 50mm driver shines. The microphone is clear and crisp, and a wired connection means you ensure zero latency and maintain flexibility. An exquisite PS5 headset with great value, shows that Razer has brought good things to its PS5 Kaira series.

Want a high-quality, feature-rich Xbox headset without spending any money. you understood!

Microsoft suddenly launched one of the best Xbox Series X headsets ever made this year. Equipped with first-class features at an ultra-low price of US$99/£89, Xbox fans are eagerly rushing to buy Microsoft headsets. With so much, it has usually been sold out since its release. 

If you can find it as the manufacturer’s suggested retail price, you would not buy a better one-pound wireless headset at such a reasonable price. The neat design benefits greatly from the rotating cup lid, which can control the volume and chat/game balance without the need for cumbersome buttons. The headset also comes with its own equalizer app on the console, so you can really fine-tune it to your liking.

Xbox’s wireless signal is very good, and the microphone quality is very suitable for crazy multiplayer games or casual pursuits. If you don't spend more money on headphones, you won't find better (or louder!) bass performance, and the surround sound proves that you don't need fancy home theater settings to enjoy immersive audio.

The wireless Corsair HS75 XB deserves your attention, thanks to one of the best microphones we have tested throughout the year and excellent all-round performance. This is a larger headset than most of the other headsets we tested in 2021, and it includes spacious ear cups, and because the headset provides free access to the premium Dolby Atmos app, it provides excellent positional audio. If you are really looking for louder sound, a powerful 50mm driver is also ready.

 The focus on simplicity means that Barracuda X provides high-quality audio at great value.

It's hard to find a rugged wireless gaming headset that costs less than $100, but the Razer Barracuda X enters the arena in the summer of 2021. The price is only 99 US dollars / 99 pounds, you will not find any fancy PC-oriented headphones. There are EQ settings or high-performance microphones, but you will get a headset that pays great attention to sound quality and battery life at its price. This, and the USB-C wireless connection, make it the first choice for Nintendo Switch headsets, suitable for players who don’t need the additional features of some more expensive headsets but still want the sound quality they can provide. 

Weighing only 250 grams, it is one of the lightest earphones on the market. These cups allow you to spend long sessions comfortably, especially due to the sponge filling. The design is subtle enough to be suitable for commuting. 

Razer is refreshing with Barracuda X. Although other brands are paying more attention to the e-sports market, but at the expense of the interests of some daily players, this latest version is very suitable for providing a 2021-level hearing experience without having to pay expensive extras.

The Corsair HS70 Bluetooth model is specifically released for Nintendo Switch. In the beginning, it provided a strong sound profile without the harsh bass sometimes accompanied by such sub-$100 headphones and comfortable design. However, it is capable of dual connection via Bluetooth (to your switch) and cable (to your phone) to easily run chat audio through your console, which really makes it stand out here.

The foldable phone we have been waiting for, playing games on the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 is an unparalleled experience in the smartphone world.

What if the best gaming phone is also a tablet? The Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 is by far the best foldable phone. Open it to the full potential of 7.6 inches and 120Hz, and you can see how far we have come. 

As a daily driver, we were impressed by the multitasking capabilities provided by the larger internal display, professional mode photo settings, and the potential to open Flex mode horizontally. Although it is still a bit expensive, it is brand new technology after all. Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 finally fulfilled its promise of foldable technology, with a more refined experience and attention to details. 

Of course, compared with other best gaming phones on the market, Fold 3 offers a unique experience. The absolute size of the internal screen is given, but the 120Hz refresh rate and comfortable control position mean that the latest games are taken to another level here. We ran the mobile version of Call of Duty on high settings without feeling too much heat, and kept the image clear on the 11.2:9 display. With a bright screen and Dolby audio, there are a lot of technologies that can help everyday gamers get more benefits from their smartphones.

We are still collecting our thoughts on the iPhone 13 Pro, but we can already see that this latest model has entered the field of gaming phones further than previous iterations. The 120Hz display and variable refresh rate contribute a lot to the overall gaming experience, but we also noticed that compared to the 12 series, there are far fewer heating issues and longer battery life.

A complete package from console storage experts-outstanding design, performance and power

FireCuda 530 is one of the first SSD models compatible with PS5 this year. It is definitely one of the best choices and can easily beat the competition. 

This premium PS5 SSD cuts to the point and provides first-class performance. It claims a read speed of up to 7,000/7,300 MB/s and a write speed of 3,000-6,900 MB/s. It proves to be the perfect companion for the PS5, in full accordance with Sony's recommendations. With an excellent endurance level of 2,550 TBW (for the 1TB model), FireCuda 530 is all the PS5 SSD you might need. The proprietary built-in heat sink means that the drive is also well protected against power outages. It has all the features of an advanced PS5 SSD and can easily compete with other large devices.

If you want a high-performance, reliable and durable PS5 SSD, then the Seagate FireCuda 530 is your ideal choice.

Patriot Viper VP4300 is a quiet PS5 SSD that came out in 2021. It is an excellent PS5 SSD option that provides performance at a very competitive price. It does not compromise on speed-it provides read speeds of up to 7,400MB/s and write speeds of up to 5,800MB/s-equipped with a reliable heat sink, the cost of the 1TB model is higher than that of the big boy manufacturer's similar speed Drives are much cheaper. An excellent and affordable PS5 SSD option in 2021.

One of the best gaming CPUs this year has gotten better, and the clock speed has been significantly increased to keep up with the intensive tasks.

Intel Core i5-11600K is a very powerful chipset, because of its aggressive asking price, especially its main competitor AMD Ryzen 5 5600x, its retail price has increased by an additional 80 US dollars. The latest iteration of the 11th generation i5 processor is built on 14nm, which is not surprising, but it benefits from a higher clock speed than we saw last year from the 11th generation products provided by the manufacturer. 

In terms of the best gaming CPU, the Intel Core i5-11600K is currently the best Intel processor with value for money from a cost-effective point of view. We are confident to recommend this processor to anyone who assembles a new game build on the LGA 1200 socket, then this year's 6-core (12-thread) chipset will definitely not go wrong.

It's a bit expensive, but AMD Ryzen 9 5900x is an absolute monster of the CPU and can handle the most intensive tasks. It is equipped with a 12-core (24-thread) framework that provides impressive single-core performance, and can not only surpass Intel Core i9-10900K, but also surpass Intel Core i9-11900K in gaming and application performance. . 

BenQ X1300i is specially built and designed for games, providing excellent picture quality, not only to meet the needs of gamers, but also to clearly cater to different types of games.

BenQ's X1300i is a true projector for gamers, leading the way in 2021. 

With real and real gaming specifications, such as 8 millisecond input delay and 120 Hz refresh rate, this projector is as close to the performance level of gaming monitors as possible, and always maintains the ability to present high-quality images.

The three game modes are incredibly adjusted for role-playing games, shooting games and sports, and custom slots allow users to make their own image profiles. Each mode offers truly outstanding appearance and functional differences that make each mode unique. Despite being a 1080p projector, the pedigree, feature set and overall quality of BenQ X1300i means that it is easily one of the best projectors for PS5 and Xbox Series X.

4LED DPL technology not only provides excellent image quality, but also makes the device run cool and quiet, which means it will not overheat during long gaming sessions. The technology also ensures that the X1300i can also be a complete component of the projector: the default image and different modes are great for other media, whether it's entertainment, movies or sports. The projector for real gamers is the best projector in 2021.

As 4K projectors become more and more popular among gamers in 2021, XGIMI Horizon Pro provides a way to achieve this combination, but with reasonable value, and excellent image quality and features. The clear 4K resolution is really great, providing a warm, rich, and bright picture, and the familiar, easy-to-use projector Android operating system has laid a solid foundation. A strong 4K projector contender this year.

EPOS GTW 70 Hybrid has excellent sound quality and the ability to connect to multiple devices, providing mobile games.

As a victory in the field of mobile gaming audio, EPOS GTW 270 earbuds are the best gaming earbuds in 2021. Whether you are playing on a Nintendo Switch or a mobile device, you can make your game sound great, and make your music sound vibrant and rich. The details when listening on the go are the real reason these earplugs stand out.

However, they are also very comfortable to wear for hours at a time, and their connection is simple and clear, and Bluetooth is powerful enough to withstand a large range and potential interference. The USB-C dongle makes it easy to connect to any device, and when the headset is paired, you can easily use the controls instantly. Bud is easy to charge, provides up to 20 hours of battery life, and also has a compact, sturdy and sturdy design. The earplugs are really complete packaging.

EPOS GTW 270s is a set of high-quality gaming earbuds, definitely the best in 2021.

Based on the solid foundation provided by the first True Wireless earbuds, the Gen 2 variant takes it to another level. Now with bigger and better audio, you can feel the real bass thump, and Gen 2 earbuds have triumphed in the tiny audio field. Low-latency gaming modes also ensure that they provide gaming advantages, while the small amount of RGB lighting means that the buds are more attractive than ever. Good battery life and fast charging complete a comprehensive package.

A clever companion app elevates this dungeon crawler to a must-play desktop adventure.

From the beginning, it was clear that Descent: Legends of the Dark means business. Open the top of this huge, multi-part box, and you'll find 40 ridiculously detailed miniatures, spare cardboard landscapes, and choice-driven gameplay. It feels like an old PC role-playing game and the best desktop role-playing game. The integration of games. It is an experience of words and metaphors.

Much of Descent's success can be attributed to its clever companion apps. As various dungeon masters (the kind you will see the best running Dungeons and Dragons books), it determines what happens next in your story. In addition to deciding which monsters you will face and telling you which scenery to put down, it can also handle any number operations that need to be performed. This allows you to really play the game instead of honing your math skills every time you attack an enemy or take damage.

The cutscenes with dialogue options and decisions continue from one session to another, which also makes it a little deeper than what you usually expect from the best board games. Over time, you can improve your character abilities, and you are left with a great adult board game. 

The core loop of "Horizon Zero Dawn: Board Game" is indeed satisfying. After working with your friends to become one of the four unique hunters, you will track, track and deal with robot monsters to obtain loot. Then, you will spend all your money on upgrades, allowing you to challenge more annoying beasts and gain more treasures in the process. This is a comforting concept that will keep you coming back to make this adaptation one of the best co-op board games of 2021.

A truly outstanding new generation of game steering wheel, through exquisite force feedback to keep you closely connected to the road.

This is the steering wheel we have been waiting for. The T248 is feature-rich, extremely well-built and designed, and has first-class force feedback, making it easy to become the best racing steering wheel in 2021.

The T248's design has easy-to-reach button placement and a variety of additional component options, when combined with excellent force feedback, it means it is a complete package. 

Dual encoder control, magnetic paddle shifter and LED telemetry display can be used in many ways, such as F1 and other titles are particularly prominent, but there is even a lot of room for customization to meet your own preferences: brakes, for example, The pedal can be configured to four different pressure modes, you will also have 25 remappable buttons, the central LED display can be configured to show you a series of game-supporting data, allowing you to gain insight into your game progress The situation and how to improve. 

The T248 provides a deep sense of reality through its motor and resistance and all the above features, allowing you to be more immersed in the driving experience than ever before, and will change the way you play racing games in 2021.

In addition to dominating the steering wheel and controller market this year, Thrustmaster's T., Flight Full Kit X package also provides an economical and excellent immersive flight experience this year. T. Flight Kit X is a well-built, sturdy and durable equipment that allows players to immerse themselves in flying games such as Star Wars Squadron and Microsoft Flight Simulator, ensuring intuitive control and a real flying feel to transform the experience into the game you are playing When the hands are comforting. At an excellent price point, the suit means that players are within reach and give them "this is the moment for pod racing."

The rich and detailed Shure MV7 out of the box is the well-deserved winner of the best microphone of 2021.

 MV7 provides truly professional audio reproduction, flexible settings due to its dual USB and XLR output system, and even an easy way to back up recordings. All of this comes from an extremely robust, robust and well-designed microphone.

The dual input in Shure MV7 is a really useful key feature-it's not a gimmick. Because not everyone has an audio interface with XLR input, the USB connection is perfect. If you do have XLR, recording the audio track via USB creates a convenient failsafe and can be used as a dry performance track, placed under the affected audio track in the DAW.

The touch control on the front of the microphone works well and is consistent with the unique design of the microphone. The aesthetics comes more from the professional audio world than the microphone used for streaming games, maybe, but it's cool, and the capsule form of the microphone can still be incorporated into any setting. The highest audio quality can easily become one of the best microphones in modern times. 

Although the World of Warcraft skin suggests that this is just an aesthetic update, it is not the case. Retaining all the features that make the Yeti Blue X microphone outstanding, the World of Warcraft variant adds a voice changer, making it ideal for online MMO and desktop role-playing games. Combine this with the already excellent audio quality, the four directivities provided, and the intelligent LED control, and this is a top-of-the-line microphone.

The gap between Razer's latest webcam and the competition is huge.

In the past few years, most of us have become more familiar with webcams, and we can safely say that Razer Kiyo Pro beats many webcams. Despite some major promises, it lived up to expectations and became one of the best webcam choices in 2021.

Pro is designed to be somewhere between everyday webcams and streamer DSLR cameras, with a series of impressive features. In addition to a wide-angle lens with an amazing adaptive light sensor, this version of Kiyo also provides a built-in omnidirectional microphone that can handle a 103°, 90° or 80° field of view lens at 60fps, 30fps, HDR, USB 3.0, which transmits signals at 5GB per second, and STARVIS technology, which is commonly used in surveillance cameras, "creates high-quality images from visible and near-infrared light regions." "Impressive" doesn't cut it.

Although all this sounds good on paper, Kiyo Pro puts the money on the (well-known) mouth. The adaptive light sensor is simply magic; it can provide clearer and clearer images even in low light or overexposed conditions, it will make a huge difference and make the Pro head and shoulders higher than most competing products .

Dip your toes into the streaming space? Want to get a webcam that can work on conference calls? AverMedia PW315 meets the requirements very well. A high-performance kit that will not weaken you economically, it combines excellent image quality and impressive specifications into a compact and durable design, and is matched with reliable supporting software.

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